Monday, November 3, 2008

Lemme hear your party talk...

Political, political, I wanna get political - let's get pol-i-tic-al! Lemme hear your party talk, your party talk... :)

This was a good day. I could say Best Day Ever - but I am confident tomorrow will bear up to that over-the-top title!

The mail came at 1:00pm - and what might you suppose was in the box? Why, my last-minute absentee ballot! Cheers, ya'll, I don't have to wait in that long line! As you can imagine, Rick & I played air guitar and high-fived. Really. :)

Don't you know we tossed those young'uns in the car, and wheeled down the road, while I bubbled in Rick's ballot (if that is illegal, then I did NOT bubble in his ballot. Pinky swear.), and on local candidates we disagreed on, we simply chose opposing sides, secure in the fact that we would cancel each other out. The joys of marriage.

The county gov't. center is 15 minutes away, and I ran in first to present my ballot. And ironically, in this historical election, with all the hype & hoopla over voting machines & technology, the ballot box looked like something from the girl's preschool class - it was just a big wooden box, with a laminated "Official Ballot Box" sign on the side. The office worker verified I be who I say I be, and in the box I dropped it. Luckily, I had consulted Rick on the desired application of a lipstick-kiss to Barack's name... and Rick advised that it might render my ballot void. So, consider it "on account," Barack.

And then, it was done. Months of preparation, excitement & discussion culminated in a simple moment in an old government annex, in an almost-empty office with a big wooden box. I said good luck to my ballot and let it drop.

I waited while Rick delivered his ballot, and we were home in a flash. I was jazzed. Psyched. Giddy. Feeling the vibe of the outcome, and so excited to have it all finished and to have Cast My Ballot. I felt like I had actually done something to tip the outcome of this race, and it was a heady feeling.

Here's to a very good day, when for just one moment I was the one voice, the one vote, the one hand that made the difference.


  1. take your fingers and cross them! maybe your hand can help out even more!--I am just so nervous!!
    are you?

  2. Honestly? I am not nervous. I'm excited, but feeling confident, like it is our destiny. Crazy? We'll see, won't we! :-)


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