Friday, November 7, 2008

Freaky Friday

OK, here's the thing. I am not one to tout my absolute perfection for one thing or another, but come on. Admit that I make a totally perfect vampire! Put me in the darn movie already!

I have seen my future, and it is as a part of the Cullen family. Only without the hair-tucked-behind-the-ear look. That wig was h-e-a-v-y! Look at the ear-bendy action!

And, ok, to be perfectly true to the books, without the freaky teeth. If you have to ask "what books" then we need to talk. :) I hope the movie (in 2 weeks!) is enjoyable.

And now here we are, the happy family heading out - me, sans freak-teeth. Cole said I was embarrassing, Isabella kept saying "Pretty Mommy!" about the hair. Isabella & I, with our fine almost non-existent hair, have hair-envy of long locks.

Have a freaky Friday! Or not, depending on your preference and tolerance for freakiness. :) (See, Susan - your theme days are contagious!!)


  1. Great Pirate! and kitties. I bet you are excited about that movie! There was something I wanted to see....around a baby time...can't remember, anyway, i just had to go by myself. ;).

    Yes. theme days are great. wordless wednesday should be a challenge for you too.'s on!

  2. Wordless Wednesday is hereby re-named "An exercise in self-restraint" ;-)

    Yeah, i'll be alone at the movie alright. Rick is still raising one eyebrow at me, after seeing the trailer!


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