Monday, May 21, 2012

End of an Era

 The 5th grade grad... complete with honor role medal
Itz me ya'll, me and my boy-o.
The morning had a few "lasts" and I was the only one at the house recognizing them. Last time Cole would be riding the bus with his sisters, last time he would go to the same school with them, last time to see his elementary teachers (most of them are leaving or have already left for other schools)...
I had an amount of sentimentality, seasoned by a staggering dose of reality: with Phoenix starting PreK this fall at the school, I will have 7 more years there. Oh, they'll get their pound o' flesh out of me, that's for sure. 6 years in, 7 more to go - seems like I should get a parking spot, or at least a lunch wrap named after me? No? Ok. I'll just take the "Thank you Volunteer!" breakfast and Hershey bar. 

We segued from the formality and air of a promotion ceremony, to the tomfoolery of Cole's 11th Birthday Pool Party. Cue hilarity and hyper-activity.

And for the finale, I got to take my unpaid sick leave, and have a day of rest.
Again, friends, The End!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

By popular demand: Butts

I feel like there should be some disclaimer, or that I should over-compensate for this post. I mean, Cole does many outstanding things, and yet I blog about his butt drawing? That's just the way we roll. I neglect to take pictures or mention that he was promoted to a baseball All Star team this week... rarely talk about his school success...never mention his projects in the 5th grade gifted class...
But butts? Oh yeah. Butts I will show you.
And so without further ado (aDOO??), I give you...

Things That Look Like Butts, by Cole
 You got your button butt, your watermelon butt, your flower butt...
 Your glasses butt, your cloud butt...
If there is anything that will make these kids laugh hilariously, it is an innocuous object being turned into a butt.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Words of the day

I had a few ideas running through my head, to write about today. But guess what won out? Leaving the house a-l-o-n-e for a bit! It was a worthy day to celebrate, as today was the first day in 3 weeks that every Lear child woke up fever-free. Move along, spring virus. Your work here is done.

Here's my collection for the day, of things the small people said to me, when they were asked what are their favorite things that I do with them or for them:

"I like how you keep us safe, by not letting us ride in the road." (go, me!)
"I like that you tell us to not eat too much candy, or junk food, so we stay healthy." (wot? deep!)
"I like your hugs & kisses."
"We cannot live without love." (oh wise child)
"Hick-a-dee, hick-a-doo!" ( small nut)
"What? Tell you ALL the things I like?? That would take forever!" (that child, she knows how to play)

Jadyn had been bursting to give me some cards and drawings she had made, in which I appear to be wearing a fashionable triangular dress, in my favorite color blue. We were celebrating with what appeared to be a triple layer wedding-type cake, with many decorations, and possibly small birds on it. That girl goes big. Isabella had wrapped up my favorite cd of French bistro tunes, and when I opened it and started laughing, she did jazz hands and said "Don't you love it?!" Can't go wrong with a cd I already own, now can you? I say not. Cole drew a picture that will have to wait for a later date, so I can scan it. He said it was not *really* a Mother's Day drawing, and with the title "Things that look like butts" I hope that's true. Small Phoenix got to present the flowers and massage certificate, which my clever husband procured.

After various and sundry other loving comments, interspersed with many lively rounds of sibling bickering, our day was rounded out. It's better than I didn't attempt any epic Mother's Day writings, as being nursemaid for many long days and sick nights has fried my brain. No fear! Summer is almost here! My brain would have been fried shortly anyway!
I need a solid night's sleep, friends. Let's hope that's my gift for tonight. Tomorrow we will start fresh on the big kids' last week of school.
PS I really stink at being a nurse. I would fire myself.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Behind a Glass Face

As I strain and put on
clothes to build
earrings to dress the bones
fabrics to feather the nest
turn me inside out
that what I am made of is 
visible and available and unavoidable
spiking out of my eyes and pouring from my cheekbones
break into the sharp plane of my face
crack me like a shell
It distills in the midst, that essence that Is 
thickens and boils and builds in the marrow
while we drape and play dress up
an inferno is merrily crackling inside.
eating away at the chaff
Lunching on whatever is not
Of Substance
the unimpeachable remains behind
skin turns to glass
And now you see Me.
Forever and a day.

I'm back. Since completing and publishing my e-book, I took a poetic break. And now? I'm jumping back in with both feet. Happy weekend to you!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Clicking replay

My obsession, you must hear him. Yes, I did think about going to Leesburg, GA, if he makes it to the Hometown Visit week on Idol... :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Cole's Year in Review, The Journey from 10 to 11 starts now.

Last year this time, we were in an NC field for the Bday - having celebrated my brother's wedding the day before. Yeehaw!
 Deceptively calm & snuggly? Why yes. Total decoy shot.
 This one? Not so much. Like luring a small, wild animal, Cole has worked on getting Phoenix to sit with him, and hold his hand - rather than mine. I give him an A+, doncha know!
 Who can resist the dandelion puff hair-do! Let's all make a wish!

 He pitches, he plays short stop, he's the go-to guy.
 Sometimes I am at the school. Did I say "sometimes?" I meant all-times.
 And... the new look is here! Whew.
 Coach Rick & Cole are in the playoffs this week. 
Game 1 - Cole got the game ball last night for 2 good hits, and 2 innings of fine pitching. Today he will come home from school to enjoy his gifts, some sweet treats, and his special request - Carvel ice cream cake. He will also arrive at home bearing New Information, from this week's special series: Human Growth & Development, otherwise known as The Talk, School-Style! And then they send them home with an interview sheet, so they can question a parent about the parent's own experiences in Growing and Developing. I feel a story coming on...
So, on the day the Boy Becomes Eleven, I will leave you with his typical witty remark:

Me: So, this week, for the Health talk, they will separate you kids into a boys group and a girls group.
Cole: I heard that Mr. B will teach the boys, and Ms. S will teach the girls.
Me: Yeah, so that everyone will feel more comfortable hearing about body parts, from a teacher of the same gender, you know?
Cole: Yeah, I mean you wouldn't ask a chess expert questions about football, would you?

No, no, I wouldn't. I think our talk is done.
Happy Birthday, bud, you are a treasure.