Tuesday, April 24, 2012

May Madness

It's approaching... I feel it in the scattered mental pull of 20 directions, the anxious itch in my fingers, the tendency towards procrastination. It starts May 1st with Cole's birthday, runs through Phoenix's birthday May 12th and doesn't end until school is out, and all the Field Days and Class parties have been celebrated. Of course the anxiety part begins mid-April. Hello! Then the panic sets in, oh, about yesterday, when I realized Cole's birthday is in a WEEK. Did I forget to mention the 1st week of May is also baseball playoffs for Cole's team, with Rick coaching? Go Team, 3 nights a week!
See? The itch is well justified.
The procrastination, well... here I am, not doing productive things - {oh hai}.
That too is well justified (it's my world, I say so). Isabella is home with strep throat, so I might as well just tidy up around the house and wait to see if another shoe will fall.
I have all around me the bits and pieces of Useful Projects that are going on. For example, I started my Teacher gifts, and if I wrap this post up pretty soon, I could finish them. Never was a tiny word so big, that word "IF." :)
The classic procrastination tactic I love to employ is this: re-read a favorite book series, and choose one that is so intense and suspenseful, it turns into one gigantic reading binge full of early mornings, late nights, never-ending coffee and avoidance of all Useful Projects. (This tactic works best when Rick is traveling. Sssh. It fits seamlessly into my role of watchful mother, as I perch in my spot outside, while the kids ride bikes until dusk.)
The Fever Series fits the bill. It has all my favorite elements: (no, not vampires - but close! paranormals galore!) suspense, magic, supernatural creatures and settings and a really fun female protagonist. In this series, set in present-day Dublin, the main character is from small-town Georgia - but finds herself in a world where the walls between the realm of our world and the world of Faery are shattering....
I've read these books 3 times and they are STILL so good. A total go-to set. The best/worst part is that when you are through, you will wish you weren't, so you'll start them all over. The hallmark of a great book! That, and falling in love with the characters. Oh my.
With that, I'm stepping away from the computer, away from the finished books, and over toward my Useful project pile. To be shared with you soon!
Happy Day...


  1. Bethany....
    I can sympathize--that is my March..
    Hang in there!
    Surely procrastination, although not productive, is a {coping} strategy??
    Why do we do it??

  2. you know, I cannot imagine what it is like to be a mother. No way. I'm in my late 50's and never had a child. I think instead about what it will be like to grow old with no children. I think about all the things in life I missed, and how abnormal I feel because I was never a mother. I feel so...freakish. I think you're blessed to have your Useful Project pile, and blessed to be able to procrastinate over digging into it. And I thank you for giving me a glimpse into what it's like to be a mother. I always love visiting your blog, because it's here where I get that viewpoint, that love, that chaos that I wouldn't otherwise find anywhere else. So thanks for that. I'm not familiar with The Fever series, but I'm going to check it out. happy week to you Bethany. thanks for being you.


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