Thursday, April 26, 2012


Purpose and perspective, two pals are they.
Life is a continuous honing in of purpose, and spiraling out of perspective, lest we get lost in the shuffle. My conversations this week have served to remind me of purpose.
Purpose in parenting - why I do what I do, why I should do it to the best of my ability. That's where perspective comes into play... for it is all too easy to get swallowed up in the minutiae and overwhelmed in the moment, and take your eye off the prize. I talked with a friend about the upcoming move to middle school for our 10 year olds, and we bemoaned our babies' growth, and the necessary changes of life that come with moving into adolescence.

Turn back the clock! Turn back the clock! Whoa this gig is hard, these kids are constant, I feel so challenged, never ending cycle of food and bathing, correcting and reminding, can I get through the day?

Thank you, sweet Ms. Becky, for in your comment on May Madness you have enhanced my perspective. It takes reminders, often and well-seasoned reminders to break into the mad dash and cause me to take a breath.

I chose this path, I chose this gig, I desired it with all my heart, back before I knew any of the wherefores and how-to-fors or strengths required. And no, mama never told me there'd be days like this, but I'll take that up with her later!

I forget to live with intention, and parent with purpose in the large as well as the small. They get drilled on the small stuff - the polite manners, the clean hands, the respect for others - but when does the life lesson come? The dissertation on self-respect, the teaching of personal dignity and self-worth? Because though it may be present in the way we treat others, the time will come when these children will need the words. They will need the concept to hold in their heads, and to bank on as they make choices, as they move through their world of constant bombardment.
They need more than anything to know their own value. To know the value of their being, the worth of good character and the unassailable coin of integrity.
Then I will have done my job.
It's a big one, and it is fraught with setbacks, but that's also a life lesson, right? Life will not always be
ideal, but that doesn't mean we can't be idealistic.

Purpose and perspective, I have you in my sights.

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