Sunday, August 28, 2011

After the storm

I know, it is still raging on. And I know GA certainly didn't get any wind or rain - hot sunny skies stayed in place here. But I stayed on the phone with my Mom yesterday, on and off until the night, as she rode out the hurricane in her little house in eastern NC. Washington is on the Pamlico, and the only time our region is on the national news continually is when there is a weather-related disaster.
The stress of 12 hours of pounding wind and rain, ouch.
The disbelief and giggling at Mom's storm-capades, good grief.
At the point where winds were {only} 60 mph, and rain was falling in thick sheets, here is the conversation that took place:
Me: How is everything, Mom?
Mom: I just came back inside!
Me: What?! What in the world!
Mom: I just went outside in my bathing suit! I had to move my guinea chicks to a better shelter. They were getting too wet. And the hens were cackling, so I tried to corral them against the garage. There are branches down all down the lane, and I figured whatever was going to fall had already fallen...
Me: Mom, Mom, Mom... stay inside. Those chickens will be fine.
Mom: Jeremy's right next door, if anything happened.
Me (in my head): How will he KNOW anything happened to you?! He is not expecting you to be shepherding your fowl flock in a hurricane!

This is what happens when children grow up and move away. Mothers then mother creatures. And gallivant in tropical storm conditions in their swimsuits, moving eleven guinea chicks to a shelter that is (not) impervious to pounding rain. I wonder if she wore her Roxy hot pants swimsuit, or her bustier and swim skirt?
Anyway, the family is safe, and it is now a hot sunny day in eastern NC. Clean-up can begin. Dozens of trees are down on her property, and chainsaws will soon be buzzing.

I am eagerly awaiting any more Storm News from my LDub friends... (Susan! Hope the power comes on soon so you can post!)


  1. well that wasn't too good for you mum to be out like that. I've heard news stories of people who got killed from tree branches falling on them. I'm glad she's alright though. and you know, I do understand her wanting to make sure the hens were safe. I can see myself doing the same thing. only not in a swim suit. oh lord.
    happy day to you Bethany!


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