Friday, August 19, 2011

Math by Jadyn

Hi friends!
On the last day of the first week of school, here's the run-down. It has been a (mostly) good week. Cole is happy with his 5th grade class, and has no complaints. The girls are in separate classes for the first time, and have adapted marvelously, despite my worrying and fretting. Yay, that. But, given the unfortunate (unforeseen? really?) situation of reduced enrollment, Isabella's 1st grade teacher was let go on Thursday (eek!!!), and Isabella was assigned a new class. Today. Getting to do the first day all over again in one week? Not fun. But she was calm getting on the bus, and so I will hope for the best. First grade, you heartbreaker!

Jadyn is having a great week, according to her teacher. I am delighted - and I am also beginning to think Jadyn's teacher will have an interesting year. I wish her the best of luck. Let me share exhibit A with you so you share the feeling.
The class was given a math pre-test, just for an assessment. Here is the last problem, indicative of how Jadyn does or does not think in typical math expressions.

Exhibit A:
Problem 7 with an apparently unrelated drawing, and a corrected answer, and a question mark.

Exhibit B: Upon closer review of the smiling girl picture...
We find that the drawing is of the aforementioned Mia, and she is indeed holding exactly ten pennies, and is accompanied by a discreet, yet correct number "10" in the bottom corner.
Clearly the salient information is that there was once a girl, and she had some money. And she was happy about it. How much money did she have? Exactly the amount she was supposed to have. Take that, Mrs C! And take my best wishes for the year!

As for the sultan of the household? If wearing my apron will make him happy (please, please), then he may wear it. One more week home alone with Mommy, one more week, you tiny terrorist. At our house, we sail through the terrible two's and slam into the tormenting three's.
Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll be back to tell you about my latest reading recommendation... I've been busy soaking in a new series and staying up late to read! Whee...
Happy Friday!


  1. laughing. Jadyn is a creative soul...sounds like her teacher needs to do a little more scaffolding on "presenting answers in boring, requisite ways" if that's all s/he's going to accept.

    it's freaking me out a little that so many kids are back to school already...we start late here, so O won't begin kindergarten for two more weeks.

    hope Isabella's second adjustment (that sucks!) goes well.

  2. I love the expressive nature of Jadyn's answer. no question mark needed! and the photo is adorable. you must have both your hands full when they're all home for the summer! happy weekend to you Bethany.

  3. Way to go Jadyn! I say she went about and beyond, in illustrating the story and all....
    {little artist}
    Some people need the story to do that math--isn't that the {point} of the word problem?
    hee hee...


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