Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Morning Review

The silence is deafening. It is literally so quiet, I can hear the quiet.
Child Four has started his first week of preschool, and I am alone in the house.
Alone. In the quiet.
And as a friend pointed out, it is the first time in ten years that preschool has begun, and I have only my beating heart in the room. When Cole turned three and started preschool, I was pregnant with twins. When the girls turned three and started preschool, Phoenix was 3 months old.
And now, it is just me and my beating heart.
I cannot decide what to tackle first: household organizing that has been put off... ditto for deep cleaning... the Honey-Do list... enjoying the silence and accomplishing absolutely nothing... or blogging. Oh! You've guessed what I decided on? :)
I could hardly start cleaning, since I have already put on heels and a dress for a lunch date with my Rickey. And dangle-y earrings. Maybe a dab of perfume. Girls, we are worlds away from flip flops, cargo shorts & a tank top on this Friday!
Excitement is in the air, but it's not all about lunch dates and the start of preschool. Rabid Auburn fans are gearing up for the first game, which is tomorrow, and which the Lear brood will be attending. As Phoenix says (pom-pons shaking at 6am) Go War Eagle!
Rick has turned them all into mini-fans, and I am along for the ride. (My alma mater does not have a football team, so my team spirit is dormant. :))
It's our first game with the whole crew, and.... Go War Eagle is all I can say. :)

Happy weekend friends!


  1. Have fun at the game!! Peanuts are always the highlight for me...and people watching...and beer, and well, have fun! :)

  2. I can just picture glad for you and your silence. Looking forward to seeing you next week, too!

  3. How wonderful! Enjoy your you-time and continue to temper the lists and to-dos with feeding yourself with blogging and glorious nothings ;)! Did you hear KSU has a kick-butt women's soccer team, though? I'd totally did out the pom-poms for that! ;) Ha! and I love when people ask, "...oh, Kentucky, Kent, Kansas...?" Um, no. KENNESAW, baby!


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