Monday, August 15, 2011

School Days are here again!

You knew it was coming... the First Day Back Post...
But - Phoenix has honed in on the fact that he is alone with me and I am (supposedly) at his beck and call. He has demanded 3 drinks already, and generally acted like a little sultan all morning.
Master Phoenix has 2 weeks until his preschool starts.
But back to the quieter aura of our home - ahhh... the bittersweet beginning of school. I had to hustle my brain into lunch-making, backpack-loading, hair-brushing mode at 6:15 and it was a struggle.
The kids were not struggling. They were acting like it was Field Day, and they were all competing for most words spoken in a minute, and most tangled feet stepping on mine, and most times aforesaid lunch-making and bag-packing could be interrupted for me to judge Field Day in my kitchen. And that was before Phoenix came roaring down the stairs - literally. He was in T-Rex mode.
Holy something or other, it was like a litter of puppies in there!
But we untangled them all, made it to the bus in good time, and scored our yearly ritual Bus Stop photos.
Let's move the First Day jitters out front.
Make sure the neighbors are up in time for work. Sorry, no mercy!

Field Day on the new bench! Everybody up!
Spare a moment of love for the twinsies, and their first year being in separate classes...
Now back to corralling the ego of the young sultan...
Happy Monday!

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  1. I love it!
    Bitter{sweet} moments...
    Bring on the holding on to mommy, no?


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