Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family manifesto on a rainy day

We've got a good thing going here.
Wrapped up in our healthy sweet family, moving along in this world.
Taking nothing for granted, grateful for blessings.
Grateful for friends of every sort, the ones in our daily life and those we only wish could be.
It is never simple, we are too human for that. Too tangled and flawed and sincere in our attempts at building relationships.
But we walk with purpose, with a family mantra of unity, integrity.
Striving for constancy, love - can we reach family utopia?
Well. It is worth every effort.
I remember and take to heart the words from my father:

Do not allow others to disturb your peace.
Like water off a duck's back, walk on.

He sounded at once like a seer and cliche-spouter, in an endearing way. Profound yet earthy.
I did not know then that disturbance comes in many forms.
Yet we shift and huddle closer, consolidating our ranks, protecting our peace.
I guess that part is instinctive when ripples come in from life around us.
Like fur on a cat's back, we warn: come no closer if you bear ill will.
Like a contented purr we welcome: come in! feast and be merry with us!

If we can unite in our purpose, if we can move as one in this journey, oh the reward.

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