Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Tis the week before...

Last night I dreamed about laundry. I was unloading the dryer, and each item I took out was perfectly crisp and folded. The whole family gathered round as though we were witnessing a Christmas miracle. I exclaimed over and over that I had simply loaded the dryer like normal, and wasn't this wonderful!

Hello friends, meet my psyche.

We enter the Christmas weekend with all kids well and healthy, and Mrs. Claus ALL done with her necessities. Hurray for the Mrs.! She usually stays up late on Christmas Eve with a glass of cheer and hours of wrapping ahead.

Now, we are playing and waiting for The Grandmother to arrive tomorrow. The house smells heavenly between the Christmas tree's scent, and the cinnamon crumble I am baking.

We have wound our way through 22 cards of the Banner, and the magic is waning. (I cannot lie.) I finally admitted to the kids that I was smack out of good ideas, and we were going to do some of the same ones from the first few days of December. When is a card promising hot cocoa and tons of marshmallows ever a bad thing! Especially when the cocoa is being sipped from vintage Disney mugs, a second-week Banner gift?!

Behold my holiday sweeties, I will show you them:

My Little Bear, and her beloved Mickey

Cole and Pluto

Phoenix and Goofy
( Jadyn was still under the weather during this treat, but of course she has a Minnie mug.)

I think many a family has some sort of hot beverage tradition, and special mugs. (Susan and her little sweetie make me smile!) When we were growing up, my Mom gave us Bunnykins china for Christmas and birthdays. So our special treat was using the Bunnykins mugs and dishes during birthdays and holidays - or any day she wanted to make extra special. I would share them with my children but my Mother cannot part with our Bunnykins - and in fact I think she hosts tea parties and uses it! ;-)

I wish you all happy preparing and partying and making of merry!

May your Santa be as squeezable as this one...



  1. I have an idea for an envelope:
    You {get} to watch Christmas movies--marathon style...the whole day before the day before Christmas.
    You know what means...TV trances all around! Yippie! ha!
    Thanks for the shout out...I need to figure out how to link!!!

  2. That's a fabulous envelope idea from Susan! B, I loved the posts I got to catch up on today...sounds like the spirit of the season and your grandmother go hand-in-hand. Wonderful memories and memories you are making with your "little" ones.
    Merry Christmas, B!


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