Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Phoenix and the Banger

"Where's my banger?!" Where's MY BANGER???"
"Got it. Got dat banger."
"Bang... Bang!! Gonna bang dat sing till it break."
"See me? Watch this banger."

Phoenix has found a toy hammer. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
No more days of little Cole singing "Can we fix it? Yes we can!" while tapping gently on an appropriate object.
No. The days Of Dark Bob are here, and "Bang dat sing till it break" is the new mantra.

He stands in front of the oven glass chatting to his reflection, sharing all of this banging information.
I ask him if he's talking to himself, as I point to his reflection. He looks at me with a frown.
"I not talkin' myself. I talkin' to dat boy in da window. He eating a nanana like me! He's gon watch me bang!"

Let's just all hope that boy in the window can set a better example, hmm?


  1. Haahahahahahaaaaa!Love every bit of that stinker-boy!

  2. Ha ha ha!! This got a good laugh out of me Bethany!! Thanks...needed that...


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