Thursday, December 9, 2010


In direct opposition to Phoenix and The Banger, is Phoenix and the music class.

Yesterday we had our last class of Kindermusik.

Or, The Hour Each Week In Which Phoenix Redeems Himself. That's right, friends. We had a perfect 14 week run. Not a tantrum to be seen, not a single dot or iota of unruly behavior - he was Little Mister Music. And not only did he thoroughly enjoy each music class session, and behave - he participated 100%.

Dancing slowly, while waving a scarf? Done.
Placing instruments gently and carefully back in the bins? Done.
Sharing gracefully, as the class passed one instrument around? Done.

That's right. The Untrustable Todzilla gleefully rolled out his Little Mister Music side each Wednesday. It gave me joy. It gave me hope. He listened carefully and did everything his teacher asked, every session. Be still my heart! What's this, this listening ear!

I'll admit, his wild side cracks me up. There is something so... unwound about him that is a kick.
But to see he can switch it up, and have a care...

Very sweet.

Phoenix & McCall, his "best friend." I took the two of them to music each week, and yes, it was like twins all over again... :)

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