Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let your plague flag fly - pre-Christmas edition

Yes, that's right! We are getting our plague on before Christmas, smart family, we! Nothing like clearing out the ol' innards during the last full week of school, right?
I am octo-arm-Mom, able to hold buckets under simultaneous mouths, produce wet washcloths, and with one well-placed nudge of a foot - keep a toddler from inspecting said buckets. And it's only 9am! Yahoo! You can tell by my exuberant use of exclamations that I'm revved up on a false coffee high!

Cue up the holiday music, to distract you from my misery. Umm, me from misery. Oh, misery!

1 comment:

  1. oh no!!! WITW?
    that is awful..make sure when you nudge your foot, you do not slide down ---sorry for the sickness! Hope it is a 24 hr. bug--in that case, they might was well all have it in the same 24 hrs, no? --then it will be Mama's turn. {hopefully not}


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