Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas monkey

Happy Christmas week, friends!
We are all in a whirlwind of activity, right? I have a quick moment to share a mental image with you. It is from this morning, when I thought I could utilize my last chance to wrap without big kids around. (Tomorrow I'll be at school most of the day, running the joint. Ha! Did I say that? I meant doing parties. Running parties! :))

So it started out well, with Phoenix quietly sitting on my bed watching Diego, while I played Mrs. Claus. (Which is really another post, but I will leave it at a big "Hollah" to all the Mrs. Claus' out there. I feel you.)

It ended up with me thinking of that commercial where the monkeys are in the corporate office, jumping on desks and throwing stuff everywhere. I would have taken a picture, but I know you are up to task of visualization. You have your own monkeys! This monkey was quick as lightning and has a rocket arm. We really need to train him.

But I got it all done, hidden and cleared away - just as the tormenting monkey fell asleep, all worn out from pitching in the major leagues.
I hope to get a chance to pop back in here this week, because I know you need to see Advent cards #24 and #25 at the very least!

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