Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A quick hello from the Tarheel state

Have we only been here 2 full days? It feels like a week. The kids are having a blast running hither and yon like little heathens. Their biggest thrill? Everywhere we go there are dogs. My kids go nuts for dogs. They forget everything they have ever been told and get into a "There's a dog!" frenzy. Never mind the humans we are here to visit, all they can talk about is where they saw another dog, how their Gigee's dog Jasper had to go to the vet, how Jasper sat on their laps, how he likes to snuggle a purple blankie, how Gulliver fetched the ball, yadda yadda yadda.
They sat and petted and stared at Jasper for 2 hours yesterday. Interesting. So that's how to get them to be still for a minute.

My mom was waiting for them with a whistle, clipboard and standing easel that read "Welcome Campers!" The week at Camp Lilliput (as in Gulliver's Travels and all things Lilliputian - her house is Lilliput Cottage) has been dotted with cute activities and treasure hunts. The kids enjoyed a Mad Hatter's Tea Party on Monday, a Bunny Hop Breakfast on Tuesday, and today is the Egg Hunt. With a grown-up treat too - Susan and her little entourage will join us for a visit!

Phoenix has adapted well, let everyone hold him for at least a minute, and kept his fussing to a controlled minimum. His latest hook is waking up just before 5am. He senses we are in the room, clearly, no matter how still we lie and how slowly we breathe. And he will not tolerate being there alone when he could be in the big bed all warm and cozy. :)

So we begin our last day, before heading to the mountains tomorrow for one night. More later!

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  1. bethany,

    we had so much fun yesterday! my kids have not stopped playing bunnies. :)
    tell your mama she might find me trespassing at the pondiminium. :)
    safe travels!


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