Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I opened the door to FedE*x today, and received a little package for my kids, from my Mom. Nothing out of the ordinary, and certainly coming from nowhere out of the ordinary - as my Mom often sends little packages.

The FedE*x note on the box was, however, not ordinary. Not at all. In fact I would like to say here and now that I think FedE*x has a peeping tom on staff.

I mean, how dare they imply that this might be a daycare?!

Okay, well, umm, upon review of the current state of affairs, it is safe to say this place *may* indeed be a daycare. But I still insist they peeked over the back fence, and into the playroom window. Definitely.

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  1. That is hilarious! Next you will have the state licensing person knocking at your door to inquire about this "daycare" :)


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