Friday, April 17, 2009

Picture pages, picture pages...

Wow what a flashback, it must be Friday, and I hope somebody out there remembers that kid-show song.

I have a moment to share a few favorite shots from our week away, and then I have to step away from the computer. Stand up and move away from the super-fast, 4-gig-packing, repaired laptop. This thing is so fast now, it spellchecks and sends before I even finish the sentence. So I should be particularly careful that I have correct person listed in the "To" box, right? What a high that is, to write an email that is possibly outrageous, hit send, and then stop breathing for an instant while frantically checking the sent folder. Maybe it's like runner's high, which is a high I will never know.

This is kid-bliss. They have talked about this little lake for over a year, since our last visit. It lived up to their memories, though they would have liked to have had a little swim. Brrr.
This shot holds the sentiment of the week: their love and joy to be with Gigee, having their first sleepover, and spending time somewhere new and fun. They will talk about this for an age, until the next visit rolls around. They will flip through the little album and remember with giggles. They will know that grandmothers bring a different love, a love that stretches through one generation to the next. A love that is compounded by its journey down the line. A love that hands them an heirloom porcelain mug with a smile.

Sometimes it is revealing to stand back, take a shot from far away, and really look at their size. Really look at the stage we are in now, as a family, and let it sink in that this is the good part. The problems are easily overcome, the laughter bubbles up quickly, and contentment flows beneath. Fulfillment. We have in our possession a fullness and an abundance, a family unit that is shifting as we all find our place and role in relation to the others. And the older 3 are at the age where they will remember these times, a picture will ever-after spark the memory of the place we were visiting. It will be fascinating to hear what they recall, what really stands out in their little minds. The sparkly rock, the running dog, the hugging grandmother, the icy water. They will not remember a day, they will remember an instant.

Another joy-bringer. A boy learning to laugh instead of cry, to move instead of sit. A boy in transition. This view is irresistible. A little more to the left, and his cheeks will block that tiny nose and smile, and there will be no profile. Only cheek and ear. A boy delighted to watch his idols frolic. A boy knowing they will not long forget him, and will swoop in for a kiss at any moment.

Happy Friday.

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