Friday, December 14, 2012


It’s too much sadness
 a punch in the chest
babies don’t get taken
before all the rest.
Society has havens
in thee we must
you can’t break the rules
can’t breach the trust
where was your higher calling
your humanity’s in arrears
you dare to touch the babies,
leave us with our tears
Our hearts they now flounder
and wash up all cold
Eyes they well up
and tongues they scold
Little ones and guardians belong in a bubble
evil and ilk aren’t one with the muddle
You take your ugly and take your hate
walk it out down another way
you wound us, remind us of how very much faith
it takes to wave goodbye
and believe it all waits
for the learning and schooling, the hours they’re away
the honor we place in time spent afar
Don’t mess with our babies
they said in loud voice
Don’t mess with our babies
we’ll leave you no choice
Nostrils flaring, chins tilted high
energy rising, we don’t go to die
You leave our sweet babies
go off your own way
We’ll take your crazy and turn the tide
to the ultimate 

tragedy in CT


  1. Another beautiful poem...I wish someone could read this on the news or something.
    Poetry is so know?

  2. this is beautiful Bethany. very nicely written.
    wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season, and a healthful new year. happy week to you.


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