Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scenes of Summer

Some days I feel quite super-mom-ish, and we have projects we work on. I organize the table for a craft and stand around directing and overseeing. Craft Instructor, don't you know. Other times they have an idea in mind, and I search and scrape together the necessary random objects. But most days, the ideas and collecting and preparing are their own, and the results are fairly entertaining. And I try to be a big girl and not mind the messes, since they are after all, on Summer Break. On other days all together, I work on my own projects and only hear their noises in the background. I keep my spidey-sense tuned for sounds that appear unsafe. Like, hanging over the stairwell. Or microwaving things that should not perhaps be microwaved. Or mysterious bumps from the garage that sound suspiciously like someone climbing a wall or a pipe attached to a wall. Spidey-sense, wall-climbing has been detected!
Here are the scenes of the First Three Weeks, wonder which activities were sponsored by B?!

Host your own Auburn picnic today! We have props.

Oddly, his "gell" bias is nowhere in sight when it comes to paint. He had to have  pink like his best friend.
You know you want a cereal-box backpack. Admit it. Then you, too, can have your cabinet full of bags of cereal. 

This lean-to is still in the driveway. I can't dismantle that type of creativity. Sorry neighbors! Welcome, hobo!

This awesome racetrack is not still in the driveway. I've overcome being The Crusher, remember?
At our house, we eat hummus with our shades on. 
Mr. Cutie-Smartie-Pants. 

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  1. Looks like they are having a blast! We moms need that third eye, though I'm still waiting for the third arm to go with it! :-)


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