Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vacation the First: Part 1

Bad Creek Foothills
"Thanks for the life lesson!" she said with a cheery smile.
"That's what I'm here for!" I grinned back.
Ah, the simple joys of parenting. Such an easy task, isn't it? Almost never fraught with frustrations or challenges. Certainly not grounds for therapy or inner reflection.
Can you tell this is going to be a vacation post? No? Have you not vacationed with a pack of monkeys, yourself? Even my words will not be image enough. Some friends frequently call and tell me "how cute" these posts are, and I'm like "Seriously? Cute?! I was having such a hard day and it was all I could do to make it civil & fit for public consumption!" Spinning a yarn, yo. Even my rough days look like gold, kids, gold!
Vacation Part 1 was a family trip, to the lovely Lake Jocassee, located in the utmost corner of SC, right at the border of NC and the Nantahala National Forest. This was the Family Unplugged part, where there was no tv, computer, movies, or technology. What there WAS, in abundance, was the beautiful outdoors, and some stellar weather.
Please to see my golden photos:
The view from the lake house deck
Look who we brought along!

What photo shoot is complete without the Kids Jumping Into Water segment?!
Phoenix... fake out! He didn't get in that water all week.
Rick's survival guide to vacationing in the wilderness. Liquor and cigars. Hello watermelon!

Just 2 miles away (up, down and around the steep mountain drive), we had a nice hike along this trail. Suitable for children, to be sure.

We were on the lookout for wildlife, and luckily spotted only a box turtle. Whew! Recently spotted wildlife, by Rick's friend, and the lake house owner: 3 bears, and some wild boar - on the property!
Follow the blue marks to stay on the trail. Don't argue about who spotted the blue mark first.
You all know that I did.
Phoenix on moss.
 To be continued...

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  1. what a happy family you have. The vacation spot looks divine - the clear water and gorgeous color of the sand/rock. The area is beautiful. And lucky to have a friend who owns a lake house there. I like that you took a family vacation where the kids got loads of fun and exercise too. I'm certain memories were created that will last a lifetime. happy weekend to you Bethany.


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