Friday, September 16, 2011



What do we do when the doin' is done?
And silence falls
A moment for thought
What do we think when the thinkin' is all thought out?
Nothing is solved
And walking is the only way
Forward on and on, this path might not be familiar
but it is mine.
There might not be answers to think or thunk or thank, god bless me
But I can walk.
What do we do when the feelin' is felt?
Soak it in, wring it out, wiggle each finger and toe
free of tension
On into freedom
And keep walkin'
This is our way, we humans
Doing, thinking, feeling and ultimately
Moving on.
In and over and through whatever this plain brings
And I can feel in my blood
the movement
the rush
The spirit that threads through
Tying pretty little bows around each of us
and linking those bows
every which way and every what way
And that is friendship.
Spiritual ribbons in all the colors of the rainbow.

...on a crisp September eve...


  1. this is rich - your writing is so descriptive I imagine all of us wrapped and bound together with rainbows. very very nice Bethany. happy day to you.


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