Friday, September 30, 2011

The Scariest Scarecrow

It was staked in the yard when I came home last weekend.
A shimmery black suit with glowing green bones. A skull mask leering from the top of the stake.
The kids had been busy, prepping for Halloween. They danced around it, showing off their newspaper-stuffing skills. They bounced up and down, delighted at scrounging through the garage to find a stake.
It was creepy and spooky and all the things that kids love in October.
Hours later, I peered out from the front door. I gasped. I shivered with a strong creepy feeling, when I glimpsed the back of that staked scarecrow.
I marched out and pulled that stake right out of the ground.
What did my eyes spy?
The stake, oh the stake... (shivers!) it had the hospital-issue "It's a Boy" sign on the back.
And never a scarier sight had my eyes spied!
Just. the. thought! I quake in my boots! My eyes, my eyes!

And that was the Scariest Scarecrow Ever.

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  1. ah-hahaha...leave it to kids to find thing like that an just use them. oh my. scary indeed.


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