Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Love Affair

I have to share with you my new love affair.

I didn't know it could be like this. Gazing, smiling, unable to break away.

I am in love.

My weekend activities revolved around this love. I had to rush back and be with my new love. To see my love in all types of daylight - from the soft morning blush to the bright afternoon blaze.

I blush to bring to you: A Love Affair... hardwood flooring-style!

(The lighting in the foyer behind me is really bright - the wood is not this pale. The Easter bunny brought this rug - it just appeared there! :) Courtesy of a craigslist bunny...)

It's still a work in progress, placing things on tables and straightening rugs, on our exquisite new floors. I mean, it's only a pretend makeover show! It's still only me and my minions around here. I almost want to say that the most beautiful part has been taking down the baby gates into my sanctuary... And I may just not put anything on the tables for a while, so that I can leave the gates down. But of course, the moment I thought this, Phoenix tried to climb up the emtpy bookcase. Oh. That. Child.
Back to The Love Affair - this is the best decision we have ever made! I honestly walk in the door now and say "Oh! Look how pretty!"
Ahhhh... love...


  1. I completely understand your new love affair...how gorgeous, B! Are these 5 inches wide or so?

  2. oooooh!!! I am in love right there with you!! Totally and completely amazing!

  3. Thank you!!! T - the wood is 6 1/2 wide - perfect!


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