Thursday, May 6, 2010

On the way to grace

I started this post in my head yesterday, and it was all about the many things that must get done before the end of school. The teacher gifts and cards. The upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week. The flooring installation next week, the parent-teacher conference times, 5 family birthdays, including Phoenix's (what is WITH all the May birthdays, between my boys and 4 of their uncles! Another time, people, a post for another time), classroom donations, and last but not least, the postal carrier food drive request - at that point I thought if one more request walked in my door, that would be it. It, I tell you! I was feeling that crunch big-time, and knowing all this had to happen in a coordinated, well-planned manner.
As in, everything that needs to be sent in all next week for the teachers, needs to be purchased this weekend. My days of running out to the store at night are at an end. When Rick is gone, I do not leave the house with all the kids unless we are bound for the park. Shocker! Every few months I get brave and try again... only to remember exactly why I should. not. do. this.
I was getting itchy hands about the fact that every day on the calendar has something written on it. Ever get itchy hands? Nerves will do it every time. Now, nerves, you say? Why nerves? Let's be clear. Along with all the scheduled events that will happen, there is one major event.
The Last Day of School.
Otherwise known as "Please don't leave me home alone all summer with them, sweetie!" Heh. The day that I am eager for, and dreading in nearly the same measure.

So I started to feel overwhelmed, and that made me clean my desk, while musing on teacher cards, and whether I would have time to make some Thank You notes. My children have had wonderful, dedicated teachers this year, and I felt like I needed to make a good effort at showing my appreciation.
And then a moment of grace occurred.
A moment in which I laid eyes on some handmade cards in my desk, three of which were Thank You cards - and half smiled, half breathed a sigh of relief. For this moment in time, when I needed an intervention, there were three perfect cards, ready to go.
Well, how? Where? Who?
This is a redemption story!
The story of the stressed-out Mom who was redeemed by a friend.
See, my friend Traci gave me some beautifully crafted cards a few years back. I have been slowly using them, and happened to have a few left. (Oh, who am I kidding. I dole those precious things out like gold.)
At that moment, my worry dropped away.
Sometimes, life just works.
All the time, it works out through small moments, and small gestures, that come together to let us know we are connected.

Happy May, friends. May you feel that connection, and know it is purposeful.

(I will have to play catch-up with Cole's birthday post. I am having technical difficulties and need to wait on uploading pictures. One more thing.)

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  1. That is funny that your hands itch, Bethany!
    My ARMPITS get itchy! Crazy. :)
    You can do it.
    Just don't worry about it {too much}.
    Hey! Ever hear of the end of the year fairy???
    Neither have I! Dern!


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