Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday Bonanza!

Hello and welcome to Birthday Bonanza!

I am playing catch-up today, since new presents always bring a new (entertainment) dynamic - allowing me a moment to sneak to my desk!

So it's Birthday month around here, which brings the days of my boys, my brother Isaiah, Rick's three brothers, and three of my dear friends... Whew. Whew! What is up, May?! Or, more appropriately: What is up August?! :)

This day brings us the birth of Phoenix Alexander. A fine and dandy little fellow, full of excitement, enthusiasm and mischief. Phoenix loves making noise & crashing things, but most of all, he loves d-a-n-c-i-n-g. He will stop and dance at the tiniest hint of a tune. And he has got the moves! He pumps his arms, and lately has added some break-dance moves or somersault moves. Some sort of floor action is going on, and it cracks us up. His most frequent phrases are: "Oh no!!" and "Ryyyyyyye?" which is "why," asked often. With an up and down tonation. Try it, it is delightful to hear...

As you can see from the shots above, he understands "cheese!" As you can also see, Jadyn did not get to sit where she wanted to sit, in the line-up. Oh-la-la.

And now, let me play catch up on Cole's 9th, which was a week and a half ago. We went to Star & Strikes arcade, along with his 2 friends, and they played games, lazer tag and bumper cars.

And there you have it.
Next what you will have is the shots from my very own home makeover. Sort of. Ok, so it's only floors being made over. But... WOW! Wow it will be, first thing tomorrow. I have the "before" shots ready to go, so stay tuned for the exciting developments the next few days will bring. You already know the answer, so yes. Yeah, I watch a lot of HGTV.

And now I must leave you, so I can start taking everything off the bookcase, and move breakables, etc, so the furniture can be shifted around tomorrow. Join me in a moment of silence, in which we ask Todzilla to occupy himself out back, and not notice what I am doing.


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