Monday, April 19, 2010

Notable Quotables

After a discussion on who our children look like, I stated emphatically that Phoenix should look like me, since he has cost me so much sweat equity.

Cole responded: "Mom, you get the dignity of having the babies, we get to look like them."

Jadyn, after we giggled all through lunch at Phoenix being a ham:
"Mommy, I think we're gonna miss Phoenix when he grows big."

Isabella, after a discussion on smoking & lifestyle choices, while Rick was having a cigar:
"You should only have ONE cigar, and then talk with your mother."

(This is mostly funny because of Isabella's personality, and penchant for off-the-wall remarks that crack us all up.)

And now the debut of Phoenix's first Notable Quotable! He is becoming quite the chatterbox, and has just exploded with words and sentences. I absolutely love this phase. We find ourselves repeating everything he says, and by "we" I mean all of us. The kids are as proud as if they birthed him themselves.

Phoenix: " 'Ont see dat spider!" (most of his sentences begin with "ont" - want.)

Whatever sentence doesn't start with "ont" starts with "Tole" for Cole. This is a case of absulote hero-worship. Phoenix wakes up each morning and starts asking about Tole.
"Sssh... Tole sleep." "Tole da bus." Tole downstairs."

He narrates Cole's day in short phrases all day long, and his day is made when he wears hand-me-downs of Tole's. Chest puffed proudly: "Dis Tole's toat." (Cole's coat) But sometimes it goes a little too far. As yesterday, when he knocked on the bathroom door.
I said "Who's there?" and Phoenix replied: "Iss Tole!"

Lastly, another Bella Boo remark. We were riding through town last week when an ambulance passed by.

Isabella yelled out: "Is Jesus in there?"
Me: "What?! Why do you ask that?"
Isabella: "I thought they could fix him up at the hospital."

A news program on the Shroud of Turin had stuck in her head, and she obsessed over the wounded Jesus for weeks after Easter...

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  1. These are all great Bethany!
    It is soooo cute that Phoenix worships Cole! :)
    oh! to be worshipped asi!


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