Wednesday, April 21, 2010

As a follow-up to floors and photos

See me pat myself on the back?
And all because I remembered to fill you in on some things I mentioned last week. Majorly noteworthy! Stop the presses!
I have not been good with the follow-through around here.
Lo, many months ago I planned to write character sketches of each child - and only wrote about Jadyn.
Then, I planned to post about interesting & odd things people do in their yards - and I only took one lousy shot of a tree in full leaf. (It still has the playhouse wedged up high!)
So allow me one small smirk that I vaguely recall telling you about family photos and new flooring.
I am only bringing up the photos again (Traci!) because Traci! apparently got lost in 200 bags of mulch this week. Trying to soothe the ache of Mama's departure, and yardwork does it for our girl. I hope you got good and earthy, T! My back hurts for you. :)

And flooring! Oh, flooring! The purchase hath been made, and oh my heart is pitter-pattering!
The hardwood selected is sakura maple, with a black olive stain. Oh the beauty... oh the aged, distressed look it already bears... I have been assured that any new dings that it gets, say within the first hour (I'm betting - any takers?) will be easily filled in and only add character. We will be all about the character!
It will be two weeks to get it shipped and only 2 days max to install - oh joy!
While we were in the store paying up, I *accidentally* mentioned the rug shopping that will soon be necessary, and Rick got wide-eyed. (*cough*)
Me in a month - That rug was always there, sweetie! The Easter bunny brought it!


    Good luck with rugs.
    My recommendation: Capel rug outlet. There is one is G-vegas.
    Is this a nationwide store? I do not know.
    Cannot WAIT to see pictures of the floors. :)
    We need to get back on the wierd yard stuff. That one was fun.
    This could be a summer bloggy volley activity. :)

  2. Here I am on a rainy day to tell you THIS is the day I am working on your photos. (c:
    My back is screaming for a break (there are about 30 bags left) and I have thought of your portraits every day, friend.
    I am excited to see your floors and rug!
    You will be hearing from me soon!

  3. I'm so very envious of your soon-to-be new floors! They sound divine. And I too am very sucky with the follow-through. Who knows how many people I've left hanging with my half-assed ideas? ;)


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