Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Which I Own Up To My Bloggy Name

Hi! I am now borderline. Living in the borderland. It's true.
I don't know why it's more true now than before - it just feels more borderish. Like any day... might be that tipping point. And I might become That Mom. We have all seen That Mom. Either in person, or my personal favorite - on Oprah! For example, every time I consider having a drink around, oh, say noonish - I stop. I stop and I think to myself that it is only a small slide downhill from one drink at noon to being on Oprah as That Mom. Right? Though sometimes I also think, oh what a sweet slide down that would be...

At any rate, I am still safely perched on the near side of the borderland. I only wave over yonder now and then. This week was a "then" week. Like a week when all the juggling balls in the air might not get caught and re-tossed. Responsibilities at home, concerns about my mom and grandmother, extra projects, and work.

I haven't told you about my "job" and hey! - I don't know why I just put it in quotes. Like it's a fake job! If anything is truly a "job" then taking care of 7 children is A Job. That's better. Capitalization to the rescue.

My Job is helping my neighbor friend Rachael 3 days a week.

From 9-1 MWF I help juggle 7 children under 3.

Take a deep breath with me. Release. It's going very well, and all in all I am happy with the decision. Good thing, since I am up for doing it again in the fall, if we have enough babies to merit 2 adults.

So it was a week of keeping things under control, and on track, and all that. Next week will be another week. But thank goodness I am one of those "focus on the moment" people, so next week might as well be a world away. Or something like that. For now, I have 2 big things to look forward to.

Number One: The reveal of our First Family Photo Shoot! I am so excited to see the results, but have been very low-key, so as not to *bug* my friend Traci. :) Her dear Mom was visiting for a week. But really, I am already deciding which wall to clear off so that I can hang every picture on it, in a giant Lear Montage. Woot! The sneak peek she and I took, after the shoot, got me very excited about the possibilities. So, sometime in the near future you will be sharing the excitement with me! I can only tell you that I was wearing my favorite color, which would make any shoot seem dreamy. Blue! I can also tell you that in one solo shot of Rick & I, I had a come-hither look on my face. Shocker! Considering the anxiety of keeping an eye on The Four, and trying to look pleasant and composed - well, I don't know where THAT look came from. Mysterious.

Number Two: We are in the process of selecting hardwood for our family room and breakfast area floors. Woot, woot! This project is near and dear to my heart, as it has been a long road of savings that lead to it. A l-o-n-g road. It has also been a long road of drippy stainy kiddos, dripping and staining on our once-white carpet. But soon, no more! And the prospect is exciting, oh so very exciting. I may have to post an Ode To The Hated Stained Carpet, in celebration of its demise.

And there you have it friends. From here to there, and all along the borderland.

See you soon!


  1. Sometimes in the dead of summer...i might --for a day or two, vamos...become "that mom"..
    hang in there!

  2. Eek - you posted this a week ago and I've still got no results for you! ):
    200 bags of mulch will do that...


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