Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dear Friends and Family,

Merry Christmas! We hope this update finds you relaxed and ready for the holiday season.

Due to a glitch in the Postal Service, our photo cards from Snapfish never arrived... So, to whosoever received my 2 separate orders and a combined total of 80 cards - please address and send them to all our friends and family!

I was feeling ahead of the game, and yes, quite proud that I had managed to get a good picture of the kids. I smugly placed my photo card order on December 5th, and sat back to wait the allotted 3 days for arrival. Waiting... waiting... waiting... - ok, after 8 days I emailed Snapfish to find out where the cards could possibly be. Snapfish sympatheticaly understood my frustration, but suggested I wait a full 10 business days before counting the cards lost. We were closing in on Dec. 15th at this point, but I agreed.

December 18th, the 10th day arrived, still no cards so Rick contacted Snapfish - and the customer service rep casually said "Oh, do you still want those cards?" What?!? No, this was just a game, all for my enjoyment! I didn't really want to send cards, just go through a photo shoot with three live wires for the fun of it! Good practice should I ever become a zoo employee!

Snapfish agreed to re-print the order and overnight the cards. Ah. I could still squeeze in under the wire. But not so fast... Now the 2nd order appears to also be lost! That was 3 days ago, and I'm not sure how that equates to "overnight" service. Years of using the Postal Service with no missing mail, and now I seem to be in a California-to-Georgia Bermuda Triangle of lost mail. I really thought I'd been a good girl this year. I mean, there was that time... but I digress. Where on God's green earth could 2 separate packages have gotten to??

After a full-page email sent to Snapfish Customer Service (did I mention their 800 number kept disconnecting my call?), in which I perfected the personal art-form of scathing denigration accompanied by Lady-of-the-manor manners ending with "Kindly refund my entire order amount," I received a note back from them.

Snapfish cheerily refunded my money, and proceeded to send a marketing email asking that I tell my friends about them and their photo services. Ah, I just did! Consider my friends and family notified, Snapfish! And thank you, Snapfish, for almost causing a breakdown here!

To all of you, thank you for listening to my Fish Tale. It's true, every bit of it. Now excuse me while I go postal.

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