Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An Update on "Po"

Hey there, all you Po followers!
(He's a big hit.) (All the rage.) ( Like Psy.) ( See below!)
This week, in an astounding leap of preK skill, Po has gained a few letters.
He calls name-writing his "homework" so that he can be as big as his siblings, and have the dreaded HW.
Now, I don't have photographic proof of this letter gain, more's the pity, but I'll vouch for it.
Yesterday, just yesterday, Po wrote "Phon."
I KNOW!! Amazing gains! Now, hold your breath, because he also wrote "iPhon" and then he did also write "oPhon" immediately after that, as well as some distinctly lopsided stick people. But, still! from From "Phon" to "iPhon" in only a day - call The Man, we have his next techie!

My friend Rachael, and Cole, have pointed out an Asian tendency, from Chinese to Korean. It all lines up, people. The Asian cultures have a clear history of legends of The Phoenix.
Now, this also *could* be an indication of PreK fandom. Gangnam Style was sweeping the country just a few weeks ago, so this is barely a lag in real-time. With Psy such a Korean phenom, Phoenix is on the right track!
Please to be amused at Gangnam Style (first the original). This one, my kids, and oh, let's face it, me too, have enjoyed.... A dedicated Mom, ya'll. :)
Your Gangnam cheat sheet
OK. That's all the info I have for you today. You're welcome.

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