Monday, August 13, 2012

Tales of School

First day, check!
Good day, check!

Phoenix, aka Mr. PreK, ran off that bus this afternoon with his arms wide open. He detoured Dad and I got the prize.
"The bus driver had a horn he talked in, and he told us DON'T get off if it's not your stop!"

The girls both had good days, with familiar faces in their classes.
Equally important: the lunch-boxes all came home empty, except for a stray grape or two. Whew. Nothing like a thumbs up on the lunch. (OK, I stacked the deck. Pringles & Oreos for 1st day lunch treats. Such a cheater! Such a name-brand-first-day-cheater! You know they were all like "So, where's our afternoon snack of Pizza Rolls & Ruffles & whatever else the cool kids eat after school? Huh?" Me: "Well, umm, animal crackers and juice? huh? No?") You know they all ate all afternoon like 4 houses on fire. That school biz is hungry work. I think they're still eating now, all the way to bed.

Cole strolled in, off the middle school bus (of which we had NO drop-off time for) and was happy with his day. He couldn't find a few of his SEVEN classes, but was fine with asking teachers and wandering around until he found the rooms. The locker was good, lunch was good - "I ate with a new friend" - the bus was good, his hair was good. Middle school success, check. He would like to make some vending machine purchases in the near future, but that was the only bump in his day. Not enough change for extra chips.

Are you with me so far? Did you hear that 4 children had good days with no mishaps or drama? It is like magic in the forest! Phoenix (you know we were crossing our fingers & sitting on our thumbs that HE liked his class) reported that he played a while, took a nap, and ate all his lunch. The boy next to him may not have eaten. Another boy may have fallen asleep before him. Phoenix wasn't sure, as he himself was "under his tile" (= towel = nap blanket) and closed his eyes. I am all about the PreK news. All about The Boy and a Good Day.

He ran to me like this, at approximately 2:42pm:

And at around 2:52pm he said he had missed my hand, so he kissed my palm. Then he held it and sucked his thumb and all was right with the world.
School Day One, I love you. Be mine.

Tomorrow? Big borderland news! And photos! Can you stand it?

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  1. Bethany!! I had not read this until just now. This is great--four kids in the escuela eating the Oreos! :) That Phoenix part cracks me up.
    You got the love, sista!


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