Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Introducing Pete & Chloe

Stop the presses! The Lear kids have pets now! Our new 2 lb babies are 3 months old, adopted from the Humane Society, and the perfect kitties for our family. We held a lot of kitties last weekend, and it was evident immediately if the kitty-personality would mesh with our busy crew. One orange tabby tried to crawl out the celing the minute he got a look at our octo-armed mass of squealing offspring. (He was adopted an hour later by a one-child family, with a tween-aged son. He was snoozing in the boy's arms when last we saw him.)
Chloe put her paw against the glass, up to Jadyn's hand, and the minute they handed her to us we knew she was the one. She loves being carried around, cuddled, passed from lap to lap... a sweet pea! Pete was the next one that we knew would be ours. Like Chloe, he purred immediately and was fine with being passed around. Our litmus test, the pass-around.
 Chloe is white with grey, Pete is grey

Sadly, I am not getting much done these past 2 (quiet) days. I watch the kitties and laugh at them playing... they are just so darling...
On cue: {awwww}


  1. AWWWWWWWWW. They are both precious and beautiful. ID tags, check. lots of lovin' like muffins from the oven, check.
    these two are going to be members of your family for a long time. enjoy. kitties are the best!
    happy week to you Bethany.

  2. Bethany, I am loving the cats.
    So, y'al are {cat} people now, huh???
    Jadyn looks sooo excited.


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