Friday, August 31, 2012

Phan Girl

Oh, do you know what this is about??? Hold on...
I should be put in the naughty corner for leaving poor borderland sitting alone on the interwebz, no updates on school days, no updates on Life When You Can Do What Want All Day... (let's just debunk that one here & now: as yet, there have been zero days where I got to do nothing, while the kids were in school. Zero. My friend Louise said that day will come... when the last child walks down the aisle. Ha!) And, importantly, not recent shots of my kitty babies! Oh the sweetness of them... That Chloe is my lover girl. She stalks me and waits in my seat and sits on the counter to watch me wash dishes. Uh-oh... she's Phoenix with fur!

Anyway, instead of doing nothing, I'll be doing something later today.
It involves a GA cutie, let me show you his adorableness...

Phillip Phillips, at Centennial Olympic Park tonight! I may or may not be rushing the stage. I may or may not be holding a homemade "Phil Phan" poster. Want to get in the spirit of Phillip with me?
Maybe you know this one from the Olympics:

Pay no mind to the dark-haired chick in the video. She may or may not know I'm his new girlfriend...

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  1. I have been in a dark cave somewhere...I never knew this Phillip Phillips... What a name!!
    He is a cutie indeed. ;).


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