Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Full Moon and other Randomness

What has gone wrong with these children? Something weird is in the atmosphere.
These were my thoughts yesterday, and lo and behold - it was a full moon. Universe, let's please just blame the full moon, let it wax and wane, and allow for the return of my *real* children ASAP.
Thank you.
In other kid news, Cole has learned to whistle. I cannot stress enough how this has impacted my day to day life. It's like living with Whistlin' Will, and everywhere I go, he follows. Whistling.
Cole also has had two goals this week, by way of trying to earn money.
1. Hunt for a lost cat whose owner has posted signs all over the neighborhood.
2. Hunt for a lost scarecrow, that was made by an elementary class, and stolen from downtown. The mayor has posted a $100 reward.
Believe me, this kid has his eyes peeled for *any* suspicious characters toting scarecrows. And any cats that could fit the description of: "Lost. Gray cat. Reward." Neighbor, he has your phone number in his pocket. Be warned.

As for me?
I am staying afloat in all my duties and commitments. :) Doesn't that sound nice? It hasn't been. I am actually feeling frazzled and too busy. Also, I feel like a janitor. The challenge of it, oh the challenge! Waaaaah.... I knew I should have stuck with the kid update.

Know what I should do?
As soon as they are out the door to school, I should head out looking for scarecrows and cats.

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  1. And don't forget to whistle while you are hunting... ;).


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