Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Counselor part two

Her troubles were mounting, and it was time for another visit with The Counselor.

Isabella: I talked to the counselor again. I told her I can't ride my bike. It's too hard without training wheels. And I told her that I want to go to the park or play Wii with my family this weekend. Those were my troubles.
Fast forward a week. I asked her at bedtime if she been to the counselor again this week.

Isabella: No. Now we are only allowed to go if we have problems. We can't go to her and just talk about our day. So, now only the kids that have problems can go to her office.

Counselor chat nipped in the bud. Just like that. Oh Counselor! I knew thee so shortly, and had such hopes. Where will my child now find answers to her dear troubles?

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  1. Bah ha ha ha!! this is so funny Bethany!
    See, children take things so literally. Imagine what was going through Isabella's head when she heard, "you can just come and see me, and chat, tell me about yourself"
    I wish she could keep going, b/c I like these posts!


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