Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now We Are Six...

It was birthday time last Friday, time for two girls to turn SIX! In the manner of my mindset this week, here is a scattering a photos with a smattering a descriptions. Smothered and covered not included.

Birthday Bowling with their pals.

Look, Isabella has a new twin... her doll Juliet

Grandmother Gigee made the girls some veterinarian scrubs, and Phoenix is their puppy patient.

Birthday Queen of all things...

Birthday Bella Boo

And now we come to my favorite project of the month... the little beauty that I worked on during all those snow days! I'm not gonna lie, I am a little obsessed with banners now. I have more that I haven't shown you yet, because when and if I do, you will think to yourself

"A little obsessed?!"
Happy week, happy winter, I will be back when time permits. And by time, I mean Phoenix.
Let's just say he is really good at being two... and he is available for loans. And I have gotten better at hiding. (Laundry room? I call it my hideout! Who would ever suspect I was in there?!)


  1. Last line has me laughing! Too funny.
    I would never call you obsessed - focused is much better! LOVE the vet scrubs and banner - mom & daughter are so talented.
    Happy birthday to the girls!

  2. Bethany,

    I love the banner too!
    I also love it that you make two cakes for them, I mean of {course} you do...they are two girls..
    Can you believe they are turning six? Eek! It is sneaking up on me...the gangly kid stage..


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