Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cabin-feverish mumblings

"Donner? Party of six?"
(This was really funny to me when I thought of it. So I've walked around saying it all day. Rick thought it was funny too.... the *first* time....
I am not alone. Today I overheard the kids planning to defraud The Tooth Fairy, by putting mini- marshmallows under their pillows. Then they planned what to buy with all the money. Cabin fever anyone?
I just feel like folding into a ball and rocking back and forth, while mumbling about ice and why it won't melt. School has been cancelled for tomorrow. Georgia does warm really well. Georgia does not do snow very well. And neither, incidentally, does the DOT. That's another sort of mumbling I have also done this week, that Rick thought was funny - the *first* time.
It was my imaginary conversation with DOT officials, reminding them that ice is simple science. That they need not invent the products and chemicals to melt it, they need only to procure the products to melt it.
Until next time, as Jadyn would say this week, hip cocked and hand in the air:
"Peace out, suckas."


  1. I grew up in the desert where it hardly ever snowed. Because of that, snow was kind of like magic to me when I was a kid. Luckily, I still love the stuff, because we get a lot of it where I live now! Hang in there...time flies, right?

    Oh, and I think your Donner joke is perfect.

  2. This would be funny if I myself wasn't rocking back and forth, quietly crying...


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