Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Sunday Creative - Lonely

When the vines of the heart
Have their accustomed shape,
Twined and trimmed through the years
Of learning and merging
And living as one

What when the withering starts?
When the space filled by two
Is occupied by a solitary one

Topiary of a relationship
How deep are your roots
As they mingle underground
Seeking that growth elixir
Or the simple comfort of time

Time spent as we curved round
One another, shaping a life,
A comfortable nest

What is it that makes two into one?
that thing…
That takes the lonely heart and makes it full
makes it content
and takes away the hunger

For a time or an eternity
The lonely heart is fed.
The mingled vines they hold.
For in the spring,
when the deadwood is cleared,
Underneath lies the green of new life.

For my friend. I will always believe in the spring…
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  1. lovely lovely words, so poignant - the lonely heart is fed - beautiful and thankyou for entering.

  2. I too, believe in the spring. I will be copying this down. Beautiful.

  3. So beautiful what you "do" with words!

  4. Oh my goodness....thank you for sharing. What a wonderful poem. Love this.


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