Wednesday, November 3, 2010

benign god

Hi friends...

You're lucky my computer froze, and I lost a post yesterday. It was really boring. I think I was moaning about photo storage, and blogger not letting me post pictures anymore. How mundane! You don't visit me for that! Where are the cute kids, the funny quotes, the wacky house-appliance-crashing days? The Halloween cuties, the festival pumpkins, the party-going kids?

Like I said, no pictures. Google has cut me off.

My words will have to be sufficient until I can clear out some online albums. It's only that google owns about the the whole world now, and certainly blogger, and certainly picasa and wherever else I am stashing photos online. And google being google, they know everywhere I am, and how to tally how much of their space I am using, and probably what I just had for lunch.

Somehow I don't mind. Benign god, ye google.

Hi. I came around here to say Hi.

We had some less than inspiring electoral choices around here. Choice is way too strong of a word.

And somehow, you know, every time I see the words Reclaiming America, I'm maybe feeling a little put out.

I'm a benign god too, you know. If I'm the face of the one holding America in my hands, do I look so dangerous?
Hi. I'm sitting right next to you, and we can talk.
We can even be friends.
Best of all, we can share America.
I promise.

Because even though I may disagree with you, I'm pretty sure you're not Hitler.

(I {heart} you Jon Stewart, for many things in general, but that line in particular.)


  1. Loving your Sunday Creatives, B - sorry I've not been around Bloggerland.
    Girls get-together soon, possibly?

  2. i don't even live in America, only up above, looking down over the border like a cowering little sister afraid you'll step on my dolls. but yeh. my sibling has become truly bipolar, a house divided. i hope the voices that can see the benign gods across the gulf inside America eventually find ways to hold on to each other, to hold each other up.

  3. I hope the monster Google/Blogger/Picasa goes easy on you... what a bummer!



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