Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guest Blog: what I've been doing

Hey out there, to all my peeps! It's me again, Trouble.

I've had a great week, lots of fun action and unexpected delights.
Check out this drawer move. Nice, right? I thought the crash-bang-boom that all the pans made, as I decanted them, was great. Until I thought of climbing here. N-i-c-e... adds some much-needed height to me, if you catch my drift. From here I can reach the oven's "Shut-That-Thing-Off!" buzzy thing. It's also a good spot to check out my style. Works best if you lick the surface, and then look into it.

Now this was pretty smooth, I thought. I found a marker and I was SURE no one could see me back here. My best work is done in secret. I knew this movie case was special, and just right for my latest "rawing" - I mean, Beba carries it around all the time and seems to like those 4 singing dudes...

This? I have no idea how this happened. I mean, I was all cool and secret-like, playing with something under the table, and the next thing I know... Whoa! Where am I?! Was I just sleeping?! This is the stuff that really ruins a guy's image. I can't be seen to SLEEP. Way too much to do around here. I mean really. I haven't pulled the fruit basket off the counter ALL day. Better get right on that.

Come with me, my love. Together we can conquer the world....


Put it right here, babe!