Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catching up: the police

People! Hi!
This is the lightning round catch-up. I can only say that the days are flying by, with so much to do and think about and a whole world to save. You know? So, what should I catch you up on, right quick-like? My part-time job juggling monkeys? A visit from the police? Vacation Bible School registration & flashback?
Oh, the police, the police, pick that, you say? Well here you go. Take a second to reflect on all that I have told you herein, and all the characters that figure in this play we call life. For whom does the doorbell ring, when the policeman is standing on the other side?

Did you guess?

Okay, hold that thought.

"Good evening, is anyone else at home?" said the policeman at the door, in the twilight.
"Umm, yes, come in, my husband is here and, and, and come on back, sir," said the Mommy with the wide eyes.
He swept the room with a wary glance. Rick stood and chuckled and shook the officer's hand. The officer patted Phoenix on the head, and said he had a 14 month old at home.

Ah, Phoenix.
The guilty one.
The phone-dialer.
The mensa baby that dialed 911 not once, but twice.
Two 911 hang-ups equal one immediate visit from the police. Just so you know.

And even if you quickly grab the phone upon hearing the 911 operator, who is on speakerphone since the little bugger also figured out how to work that, and you nervously say it was an accidental call made by a baby... well, that only confirms the immediate appearance of an officer on your doorstep. Just so you know.

Accidental calls made by babies must be a popular excuse, or something.
All I know is, this child has the time, energy and dedication to figure out anything he pleases, and I say to you softly, here and now, in the company of close bloggity friends - he is w-i-n-n-i-n-g.

If you guessed right, your prize is a day in his joyful company.
That is all.


  1. Hang in there Bethany...
    I would insert an amount of time here..
    but I guess with children you have to
    just keep on keepin on..right?

  2. Indeed he is the one not to be trusted! Good grief!


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