Wednesday, February 3, 2010

As Capes Make us Magical

My Mom gave the girls two handmade capes for their birthday. They started their cape lives as costumes in Washington, NC's homeless shelter fundraiser, Dancing With Our Stars. My Mom, brother Jeremy and almost-sister-in-law Susan all volunteered as dance pros, and worked diligently with local stars for the event. Jeremy's number was to a James Brown tune, so he made capes, a la Monsieur Brown. And now we got 'em.

They embued the girls with superpowers, which were immediately apparent. They ran faster, jumped farther and climbed higher. See? Too bad they did not come with extendable robotic arms, because there's a ball or 6 in the neighbor's yard.

Kindly notice Phoenix, who is master of photo ops now. Camera out? He's there, positioning himself in front. Good boy.

Look! Yonder, hails a ball that belongeth to us! My word, there are even more back there! It's a veritable ball universe! (Note to neighbors that never go out back, hence never noticing a lawn littered with spherical objects. Dudes, throw us our balls. Seriously. Or I will have to unleash the Caped Crusaders on your property. And that? There is no turning back from. Once they go over, they keep going over.)
Now that I think about it, I could really use a cape myself.


  1. How fun! (Who doesn't ever go in their back yard? Sheesh!)
    So now we've got both boys on board for photos - how are the princesses feeling about Miss T. coming & taking family shots?


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