Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Twelve Page 2009 Wrap-up

Ha! Gotcha.
More like a 12 second wrap-up. Ah, 2009.

Ah, Christmas.

I don't even know where to start, it's been such a long week. Should I start with the yule log that Isaiah's dog left on our carpet on Christmas morning? Should I start with how lame Santa was with wrapping this year? Surely I should start with how many types of drinks my fish - I mean family enjoyed during their 2.5 day stay.

Yes. Let's start with Christmas morning and the delicious mimosas we enjoyed. I will quote myself, and please hear this in a loud voice, accompanied by a giant grin:

"We should do this every Sunday!"

Bear in mind, it was not Sunday.

Bear in mind that no breakfast had been prepared yet, nor was it on the near-horizon.

Bear in mind that my Mom took her *first* nap at 10am.

Ah. It was a good morning. Mom & I deliberately yet capably whipped up a breakfast casserole that really soaked up the sloshy bits. I will share it with you, as it is tasty & requires little attention to detail. Tater tots, eggs & milk, cheese, turkey bacon. Done.

Santa had been a bit on the lazy side the night before, as he couldn't hold his liquor then either. By about the 3rd child, he decided wrapping was not entirely necessary, and that just setting presents out with tags would do just fine. Santa did take a household poll, which, upon reflection could be a bit skewed. Since those polled grew up in households that did not exactly celebrate Santa, or know anything about North Pole etiquette... (namely, me!)

Yet! The small denizens were thrilled and did not even comment on the haphazard and/or nonexistent wrapping! Much exclaiming and squealing over desired items was heard! A successful day was had.
It was good to have my mom, brothers and significant others here. My family had fun laughing and giving each other a hard time. True to form. The answer to every charade acted out: Isaiah or mullet. Or both. Heh. The kids enjoyed getting to know Susan a bit more, because as Jeremy put it "They think you're one of them." (Susan is a petite darling.) It's the first time we have all spent a Christmas together in a long time. Mom says she enjoyed having us all in one room, but the underlying sentiment must have been: I'd forgotten how much ya'll pick on each other. Good times.
I'll leave you with 2 quick shots. Merry new year and all that.

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  1. That was a funny wrap up!
    Funny about all the Santa stuff.
    Your family is beautiful!


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