Sunday, December 20, 2009

Disney by Night

Their first glimpse of the Magic Kingdom was at night.

It was bedecked in all its holiday finery, and an excited crowd awaited Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade. Music rocked up and down Main Street from loudspeakers. A gigantic, glittering Christmas tree welcomed all to the Kingdom. They couldn't stop their little heads from turning every which way, just to take in all the sights.

Minutes passed slowly as they anticipated Mickey & Minnie's arrival on the Christmas float. And then.... there they were! Screaming, squealing, wide-eyed grins ensued! The Parade was on. Bands marching, Seven Dwarfs dancing, Tin Soldiers stomping, Snow White and the Prince twirling. Each float brought familiar characters to life and even the grown-ups grinned and tapped their feet to the music. Cinderella's castle glistened nearby, with millions of tiny lights. It drew their attention like a flock of tiny fireflies, and eyes turned to it time and again.

Complimentary hot cocoa and cookies filled bellies small and large, and warded off the cold night air. Well-loved friends came to life, and the wonderland of lights and music dazzled eyes and ears. It was a sparkling, auspicious beginning for the coming week.

The snoozing toddler awakened to catch the end with bleary, wondering eyes. He had fallen asleep at dusk, being strolled through the crowd. His eyes fluttered open to find he had been transported to a sparkling world of activity and music!

Small heads soon began to bob with exhaustion, and even a Mommy bobble-head could be seen by the end. It was passing 9pm, and the Mommy had been transported from a 5am morning in Atlanta, to the twinkling night-time Kingdom of Mickey and His Consorts. (Isabella & I obviously display the normal sense of tiredness that people commonly have after this sort of busy day. Jadyn is clearly running on a Minnie & Snow White high!)

Disney and Christmas... a beautiful combination.

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