Friday, October 10, 2008

A jumble of unrelated ideas

I had a coupla things brewing up into stories overnight.

The first one was "My grandmother thinks Sarah Palin should be President and I have been struck dumb." Something about the cute little suits she wears, combined with her cute mannerisms, or somesuch notion. But she is so cool for a granny, that I could only listen and mumble respectfully that I disagreed. And finally admit we would get nowhere with this discussion and besides that, my throat was closing up on me and my eyes were bugging out. Such is the toll that stifling of political opinion takes on me. Such is my respect for my beloved Gig. :-)

But I have just the solution for people of like mind:

Write her in on your ballot! Really! Go ahead! There's a spot for people that you think could get the job done, so use that blank space! I think that's exactly what you should do, and get a few of your friends to do the same (but only a few friends, mind you).

And then I'll see you in November... :-)

(What?! You think I'm kidding, and there must be some trick to this?? I promise not. You're truly allowed to write in your own choice. Just don't hold me accountable for the outcome.)

Then I was going to post some fun action shots of the kids playing in puddles yesterday, which I may still do.

But when I walked out to the mailbox, and saw this on the driveway, courtesy of Cole, I knew I had my post:

A propos of nothing, my boy graffiti'd peace slogans on the driveway! With exclamations galore, to show his extreme emotion! "No hate!!!" and "Love is best!!!" - a 2nd grade view of the ideals of life. I love it. (Sorry, pic wouldn't turn...)

Happy Friday all - have a no hate kind of weekend...


  1. Bethany,

    Is it the Twilight books you have been writing about?
    Guess who else loves them?
    and apparently all the nurses who
    work with sissy @ pcmh delivering the bebes.
    They are having a party to celebrate the movie coming out.

  2. Yes!! Fun!! I *knew* I wasn't the only non-teen that was into these books... :-) I'm mad at the d@mn library for holding out on me w/ the last 2 for so long... :)


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