Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 20th: Summertime Days

Let's see, how do we pass the time in the summer? A variety of outings, guaranteed to exhaust all children, and particularly Mommy! So far we've hit three different parks, the pool, the library, the Greenway biking trail, and Costco - yes, that counts as an outing because it includes frozen yogurt for a treat. Besides, they have those great big carts that can hold two babies in the seat, and a five year old in the basket. That's my kind of place. Oh, did I forget $7 bottles of wine? Huge cartons of diapers? Samples on every corner? These kids can eat the house down.

We've been meeting some of Cole's friends, and mine, at different parks each week. He has a blast, running wild with the boys, and the girls get to practice their climbing skills. They are especially good at running in opposite directions, while I stand & decide which one is in more danger. Jadyn at the top of the curvy slide, preparing to go down headfirst? Or Isabella, stepping off the edge of the platform? Oops, there goes Jadyn yelling "Wheeee..." Isabella, you have got to develop some depth perception! That's a 2 ft. drop-off! Oh, Cole, you're not supposed to climb on top of slide tunnel, hang on, don't jump! OK, no broken bones. I'm gonna have to pack something stronger than water in the cooler. For me, not them, everybody settle down! Some days it just doesn't pay to leave home.

The next day dawns, Mommy drinks coffee and ponders what fun outing we could go on today. In the background Jadyn begins to yell "Ba-bah! Ba-bah! (Bella) Uh-oh....uh-oh..." She comes my way, frantically pointing to Isabella in the hallway. What is it, Lassie? What is it girl? Is Timmy in the well? Oh, thanks for calling me, Jadyn. Isabella has a small shovel and is digging in my potted plant. Dirt & moss are strewn around the foyer as she dances in it. Jadyn continues to exclaim "Uh-oh...uh-oh..." What is that thumping sound? Good grief Cole! It is not OK to bounce such a large ball off the walls. Outside, now! What was that I said about not leaving home? We've gotta get out of here! And so it goes, the scale tipping back & forth each day as I weigh the fun of staying home versus getting out...

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