Thursday, July 25, 2013


I am wanting to say endless summer backwards, like Madam I'm Adam, because now the days are just r-e-m-m-u-s s-s-e-l-d-n-e to me.
I woke up with wanderlust and immediately began browsing on TripAdvisor. Yeah, that kind of wanderlust. The gotta get out of this r-e-m-m-u-s s-s-e-l-d-n-e kind of wanderlust. The kids kept wandering by, looking at the screen and whispering to each other "I think Mom is planning a trip... c'mere c'mere! Look! Sssshhh, I know!"
When the wandering need hits on the same day as a mood, there's trouble in paradise, people. I got all knotted up with What I Thought Would Be.
It's best to fast forward those days and move on, Check, please. New Day.

We were riding along in the van, and I was thinking 10,000 thoughts but couldn't hear myself over the noise of large voices from small people. I turned the music down and shrilled at them: "I can't hear myself think! You have to be quiet, this car is too small for all this noise."

Isabella apologized for the noise.
Cole looked over his shoulder and said: "Isabella. Don't be sorry. It was Mom's decision to have all these kids."

Yes, well.
Enough said.
Natural consequences anyone?


  1. Oh no Bethany! I can sense your frustration. :(.
    Summer can get so --well, endless. :)
    We have been having the same kinds of quality interactions around here too.
    Lunch time seems to be my tipping point.
    I guess when I pack their lunch for school I am not there to hear them complain about it???

  2. Hey Girl,
    Long time, no one see or otherwise. you often speak from my soul, as we say in German. In my little life, which is quite a negative of yours in so many ways, I too, often get caught up in a mood and plaguing myself with the What I Thought I Would Be and it's evil, fraternal twin Where I Thought I Would Be.

    I wandered all the way to Germany and through a couple of big relationships and heartbreaks. I see my friends with their gorgeous kids and often envy so much of what they have and then wonder what the hell happened. When that next day comes and I count my own experiences, many different from those I'd hoped or thought I'd have had by now, I slowly come down from my manic perch. I keep practicing being kinder to myself in these moments and to allow all of the thoughts and emotions, trying not to judge them as good or bad.

    Still, kids certainly do know how to hit you where it hurts most without even knowing it. But they also keep us honest in many ways, right?

    I am wishing you serenity and inner peace as Fall approaches. I am wishing me this, too.


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