Monday, May 20, 2013

Summertime... Will the livin' be easy?

Mother's Day 2013
This is not what I've been doing lately. It's what I long for, my comfy chair in my Serenity Zone, but no - not nearly the time for it. Or blogging. Or other hobbies. The hamster wheel keeps spinning me around. And everything except the bare necessities have gone flying off the wheel. Groceries. Bathtime. Homework. Baseball. Laundry. Packing lunches. Packing lunches. Packing lunches. Out the door to work. In the door from work. Did you know I am working now? A story for another day!

And... In three days - here comes summer! - and either the wheel will slow down, or it will not. Right? Summer changes every year with the ages of the kids. With the modes and moods they are in, and the shifting sibling factions. With the swimming abilities and propensity to play nicely in the water with others.
Come on, I'm ready.

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