Monday, April 15, 2013


Our familiar trek to Apple Hill, and the welcome respite of friends and the silence of the countryside.
 My sweet forever friend Louise & I, at Easter dinner.
Rick & Harry - I have an identical photo from 10 years ago - clearly it's a favorite spot, by all the yummy food prep...
Quiet days here on borderland, as I have a new job Outside The Home. Yay, me! Whew, me. It's *still* transition time... which means we still don't have clean clothes or food in the fridge some days. If you need more perspective, this bookworm did not go to the library for a month! The horror! But it's going so well, and I'm enjoying something fresh to do and think on. 
Happy spring... may your week be full of lots of sunshine and only a little pollen. Ah-chew!

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